IWCAN joins Mekong Think Tank : 25 organisations collaborating for equitable water, energy & climate security

The International WaterCentre Network is pleased to join 24 other organisations, led by SUMERNET – SEI, working in the Lower Mekong Basin, as Steering Committee and Advisory members of the Mekong Thought Leadership and Think Tanks Network. The overarching objective of this 3-year program is to contribute to improved and more equitable water and energy security, adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mekong Region for the benefit of all, especially the marginalized, vulnerable and at-risk communities.

The Mekong Thought Leadership and Think Tanks Network Program has the overall ambition to work together with national, and regional knowledge-based policy influence organisations (KBPIOs), including think tanks, to enhance their effectiveness and inclusiveness in policy engagement. The core focus of the activities of the Program will be within the domains of water security, energy security and climate change mitigation and adaptation. This will be combined with communications based on high-quality research, practical advice generated by the program, cross-learning among relevant organizations in the subregion, and drawing upon relevant Australian and other expertise and experiences in water security, energy security, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“Knowledge-based policy influence organizations (KBPIOs) are entities and organizations that generate evidence-based knowledge, comment, analyze, or propose policies that aim to influence policy processes at various levels. We will expand our work on ‘KBPIOs’ to include a range of entities and organizations that generate evidence-based knowledge, comment, analyze, or propose policies that aim to influence policy processes” (SEI 2023).

The immediate objectives are:

  1. Strengthen the role and effectiveness of national and regional KBPIOs in engaging with national and regional policy processes on water and energy security and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  2. Strengthen the role and capabilities of national and regional KBPIOs in inclusive knowledge co-production processes by engaging with stakeholders across sectors, locations and countries on water, climate and energy issues and their interlinkages.
  3. Enhance the capacity for networking of national and regional KBPIOs and build the capacity of young professionals in delivering research and communicating and engaging with policy processes.

IWCAN is pleased to contribute to this important initiative in leadership and advisory capacities.

Karen Delfau, Executive Director, is a member of the Program Steering Committee, and is a member of a 3-person team collaborating across the program components for improved Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) processes and outcomes. Frederick Bouckaert, President, advises the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework and implementation.

Additional information about this program is available at the SEI page : Mekong Thought Leadership and Think Tanks Network.


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